Mountain Landscapes Seed Pot

Bernice Naranjo


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A close relative of some of the best-known and most-awarded potters of our time, Bernice Naranjo is an award-winning artist in her own right.

Her work is noted for her elegant forms, fine sgrafitto (etched) designs, and lovingly rendered nature motifs. All are present in this shapely seed pot.

The design is indeed inspired by nature, but instead of floral and animal motifs, she has created a series of mountain-scapes that wind around the gorgeous ovoid form.

Starting at the bottom, the design curls around the seed pot in a progressively more detailed manner.

Along the way, the mountain ranges show the parallel lines of rainfall, snowy peaks, birds flying high in the sky, and forested slopes.

Abstract to the casual eye, the succession of mountains unfurls right up to the top of the silkily polished piece.

Traditionally made, from hand-gathered clay, to firing in the ground, this exquisitely formed seed pot is modern in shape and design – a brilliant combination.


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Natural Clay


3 3/4" H


2 5/8" Diameter