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Tufa Cast Dragonfly

Ira Custer


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Like his brother Gary, Ira is a specialist in tufa casting. This stately dragonfly pendant is a fine example.

Immediately imposing in size, the pendant is also beautifully proportioned and shaped.

The elegant form is counterbalanced by the unrefined and darkened surface. A polished hook and round eyes add a subdued gleam to the piece.

Dragonflies are good luck symbols since they exist above and around water; a precious resource in the high desert.

This pendant is simultaneously rough and dignified; the gnarled texture is countered by the graceful form.

The hook allows this pendant to hang from any beads, heishi, chain  or collar.

A good luck symbol, well-formed and impressive, but not at all formal, this dragonfly will generate admiration however it is enjoyed.


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Sterling Silver


3 3/8" L x 2 7/8" W