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Sunface Post Earrings

Jolene Eustace


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Bring a little sunshine into your every day, with these wonderful Sunface earrings. Jolene is one of the most well-known artists in a large and respected family of jewelers.

Her distinctive work has been recognized by many prizes and museum shows.

The hammered and darkened texture of the silver contrasts beautifully with the sleek gold and coral accents that bring the warmth of the sun itself, to these pieces.

Three-dimensional, and brightened by the natural red coral and 18-karat gold, these earrings are creative, intriguing, yet tailored enough to wear to work.

The gleaming gold at the bottom may be the moon, or another symbol of the sun. A bar of polished silver across the forehead, repeats the gleam of the gold.

The red coral adds a spark of color to the greyed silver, like a little flame among the ashes.

Excellent in fabrication, in her own, unique style, these earrings bring ancient tradition into the modern world, with great style and wearability.

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18-Karat Gold, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


1 1/8"


1 1/8"