Inlaid Jet Yebechei Cuff

Jim Harrison


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Intricate inlay and references to Navajo motifs are characteristics of this jeweler’s style. He learned silversmithing in college, and worked for Tommy Jackson before striking out on his own.

He is passionate about his work – which is very fine – but does little to promote himself, or exhibit at shows.

This cuff exhibits his remarkably smooth inlay, and favorite, traditional motifs.

Against the dense blackness of the jet, a fanciful Blue-Faced Yebechei figure is centered, flanked by a red coral circle, signifying day, and the land, and a blue turquoise circle, for the sky and water and night.

The Yebechei is part of the winter Nightway ceremony, performed after dark.

At the ends of the jet band, are two faces, one a Sunface, and one in cooler colors, the sun’s opposite.

In color and designs, he portrays the sun and the moon, night and day. Inlaid silver dots symbolize the stars, and also raindrops.

At the sides of the silver cuff, multiple stones are beautifully inlaid, repeating the colors and materials used in the center vignette, but in geometric designs.

Hair-thin lines of inlaid jet separate the triangles and rectangles.

Edged with highly polished silver, the colors in this immaculately fabricated bracelet sing. You will enjoy this, night and day!

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Lapis, Red Coral, Black Jet, Howlite, Lepidolite, Rhodocroscite, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1 1/8" gap, 6 5/8" all around


1 1/4 " W