Double-Sided Horizontal Pendant

Ted Draper Jr


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Son of one of the famed Navajo Code Talkers, celebrated for their important role in helping to win the Pacific war in WWII, he is a master of many occupations.

Impressionist paintings are one source of his reputation; his stature as a silversmith is just as imposing. In addition, he is a busy community leader, artists’ advocate and basketball coach!

This colorful pendant demonstrates his creativity, skill and artistry.

Aligned on a horizontal axis, rather than the more common vertical, this pendant is immediately remarkable. The color-block arrangement of multiple stones also catches the eye.

Beautifully cut, with beveled edges, the stones are slightly raised above the silver that encloses them.

Light and bright turquoise, dark lapis and sugilite, along with jet and ironwood, are complemented by warm red and pink coral, and luminous mother of pearl. But there is even more to this unusual pendant!

Turn it around, and an elegant silver horse steps delicately over a gleaming silver background. Navajo rug motifs and a jagged line, denoting water and mountains, are also seen.

This side was tufa cast, and then soldered to the silver that supports the inlaid stones. A glistening silver bail is 3/8-inch in diameter, wide enough to accommodate a variety of beads, heishi, chains, or collars.

Two completely different looks in one beautiful pendant – a complete jewelry wardrobe in the same piece.

Perfect for travel, it works just as well for homebodies; wear whichever side matches your mood and your outfit. Either way, enjoy the compliments.


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1 5/8" W


1 3/8" H with Bail, 1/2"