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Double Roadrunner Ring

Quintin Quam, Sr.


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Zuni Pueblo is known for its meticulous lapidary work; artists there have been famous for fine stone-cutting and inlay for decades.

Quintin Quam, of the famous family of fetish carvers, is a contemporary master. His intricately inlaid birds and flora are amazingly detailed and thoroughly beautiful.

He has created a splendid, long ring that is also charming and delicate.

It features a pair of roadrunners, along with cacti and cactus blossoms, as if the quail were spotted in their desert habitat. The inlay is colorful, detailed, and incredibly slender in the legs and talons.

Black jet and white mother of pearl are incised, to resemble feathers. Pale blue turquoise accents the heads and forms a pretty, decorative border.

The cacti are of rich green malachite, with red coral blossoms. There is also a stamped border of silver scallops, at the very edge of the ring.

All this is inlaid on a convex oval of glittering sterling silver, in a long length that makes a gleaming statement.

Despite its length, the delicacy of the inlaid design, the gentle colors, and the spaces within the silver, keep it light and lovely.

The delicate artistry continues on the shank, which is wide, to support the ring face, and covered with bands of stamped scallops.

Despite an arresting size, this delightful ring is pretty and dainty.

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Red Coral, Jet, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Turquoise




1 1/4 " W, Shank is 1/2" W

Ring Size

6 1/2