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Bear Concho Belt

Tommy Jackson


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Prolific, talented, jovial, and avidly collected, Tommy Jackson and his work are known far and wide. This artist can do everything – and well.

This wonderful concho belt is proof: Made several years ago, it features Tommy’s signature silver bear, symbol of protection – a whole “sleuth” of them, in fact!

(That is the old collective term for a group of bears, like ” a herd of deer”.)

The conchos bear (sorry) overlaid rain designs that extend into their heart lines. The background silver is heavily textured, a handsome contrast to the gleaming, polished bodies.

Twelve, sleekly rounded and glistening bears line up on a fine, custom leather belt that is almost as handsome as they are.

Six bears face the other six bears, coming from opposite directions.

Why? because this is no ordinary concho belt; it fastens in the center of your waist or hipline, with a beautiful, classic buckle, set with a fabulous turquoise.

Also overlaid, a rounded silver oval of stylized feathers surrounds the glorious blue turquoise and its chiseled bezel.

This stone is natural, and its vivid blue might be Kingman, we’re not sure. It is really gorgeous, whatever its southwestern origin.

A narrow bit of crusty texture shows under the overlaid feathers, corresponding to the shiny and textured areas of the bears. A band of polished silver forms the outside border.

Original in design and beautifully made – of course, it is by Tommy Jackson! – this belt has yet another attribute to love: it is an older piece, with an older price!

And, the leather belt can be adjusted to fit a variety of waist sizes, including yours.

So, enjoy this remarkably striking fashion belt and all the admiration it will surely attract. But, please, try to keep humble about the bargain you’ve snagged.



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Leather, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


48" L or less x 7/8" W, Buckle is 2 1/4" W x 1 3/4" H, Conchos are 1 7/8" W x 1 1/4" H